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As referenced in the Master Agreement [1 MB], hard-copy claims and billing reports are available. Currently, State Fund is reviewing all existing reports. A complete listing of SCIF's Information Technology Reports available to State Agencies, CalHR and Billing Specialists is available by request.

Billing data is available via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and you may request it by meeting the requirements listed below.

Requirements For Receiving Billing Data via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Records Available: NI - Current Month - S8 - Cumulative Summary

Please provide the following information to State Fund:

  1. FTP Server - Identify the type of server. - Must be a stand-alone available 24/7.
  2. Software - Identify the type of software you use to receive a file and process data.
  3. Directory Path - For the file on the server
  4. Identification - Username.
  5. Password - Nonexpiring preferred.
  6. Name/Address of your state department.
  7. Name/E-mail/Phone of technical support.

Please e-mail your request to

NOTE: Currently, no encryption or compression is available. State Fund is considering PGP for encryption use in the future. For more info, contact Mindy Chan at (916) 924-5024   e-mail:

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